Hoshinjutsu Budo Ryu

Month of February 2014

Honesty in Training

February 19, 2014

Being Honest with Yourself Dan ranking in any martial art is an ego booster; I don’t care how humble or soft spoken you are.  The second you don that “black belt” begins a phase where suddenly, invincibility is written across your chest in bold letters; all caps.  This is a normal phenomenon.  What is not … Continue reading

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Upaya Point of View

February 17, 2014

Skillful Means of the Hoshin Warrior There is a term in Buddhism called Upaya, that can translate to ‘skillful means’ and refers to “a means that goes or brings one up to some goal.” I heard of this term years ago and it has always resonated with me in my work endeavors. Though my take … Continue reading

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