Hoshinjutsu Budo Ryu

Doc Memorial 2017

It was great to see everyone and meet some for the first time.

One of the greatest benefits, to my mind, is listening at these events, listening between mat time. There is so much history and so many gold nuggets of info and insight that provide context for the art of Hoshin.

I was able to see healing take place in real time. Wounds go from bleeding profusely to all but healed within 10-15 minutes.

I watched solid weapons flex beyond breaking points and look like rubber.

I was also able to see the complete commitment to realistic force with training weapons used by Rob Sensei.

Now I understand Brady Shihan telling me that Rob Sensei would break inferior swords during training.

I watched everyone’s feet and structure as they moved and was pleased to see latent taijutsu in everyone in attendance- to varying degrees.

The oral information shared just in casual conversation and also in formal teaching is worth its weight in gold.

Observing Rob Sensei’s movements, form, structure and body language with different individuals etc is a master class in emotional shape shifting.

Seeing everyone’s growth, auras, verbiage and interaction with one another was telling and inspiring.

I’ve never had so much accurate applicable info saturate my space without strings attached.

The feel was that of a family reunion, with the exception that each family member was varying degrees of friendly lethal.

There was much talk of Doc and many personal anecdotal insights as to him as a man, myth and legend.

There was no ego or competition between practitioners. Overall the parts I experienced were epic.

Having come late to the party this weekend the feeling of having missed the lions share of the goodies is still present in me.

There was a lot of the feel of witnessing and being privy to information that hasn’t been shown or made readily available before and may or may not be made available again.

Rob Sensei shared much about his earlier training before having met Doc and his experiences and modalities of training in those times.

Much has been lost from those times due to a lack of insight among instructors. Once lost this info is simply gone from the realities of the current practitioner and left in the void for someone down the road to pioneer into rediscovery. In Hoshin we hold many otherwise lost items- I now realize.

There was much discussion of the evolution from “then” to “now” with regard to Hoshin and those involved with it over the decades.

This art is like a precious stone in ways most will not ever understand.

If you aren’t making the effort or the sacrifice or time or what have you to come to these gatherings… please do, from now on. Resolve to be a part of not only the preservation and embodiment of the rarities of human experience/ability but also a force in the evolution of this art over the next decades.

Were some of us to simply disappear who among us would have the ability to share the simple, perfect secrets with their children when the time came or the opportunity present ted itself?

For as much benefit as there is in the practice of Hoshin there is equal parts responsibility for being one who holds this knowledge.

-Caleb Shihan

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