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A Gentle Reminder

If there’s one thing I can truly be grateful to the MMA phenomenon for, its the blunt force trauma style testing of what they do in their sport. One of the spill over effects of this MMA “king of the mountain”, “take all challengers” type mentality has been them exposing how fake all the woo woo chi and energy combat stuff out there is. Imagine what the state of the yoga world would be if there was a way to make all the enlightened Kundalini guru types prove their claims!? 

There are many videos of various chi master types failing to effect fighters and either just looking silly or actually getting themselves hurt. Likewise there are a lot of people taking on a guru type spiritual role, or a self help type, positive thinking- affirmation- mantra- generalized thing tying chi and breathing to it and then adding Kundalini frosting after it’s baked and calling it “awareness/enlightened/authenticity” etc. 

People get to talking about their personal flavor of all these now buzzwords like it’s common knowledge or widely accepted or actually testable, and provably true beyond their own realities. Here’s an interesting fact- the energetic/spiritual at this point in time is not testable or provable in any scientifically meaningful way that can even begin to withstand empirical scrutiny. 

To my mind this is the space where Hoshin is really genius. This space between what so many feel or experience in or with the energetic, and the physical provable reality. Hoshin is the bridge between these two formerly unbridgeable aspects of human biology. 

My opinion- science is behind the curve massively on many things and has been for as long as we’ve been keeping histories and records. 
We can create nuclear power but still have serious issues managing fire. We can perform unbelievably sophisticated brain surgery but still wrestle with the purpose of the appendix or what a balanced and healthy diet is etc. We can see magnetic and energy fields, capture images of them via filters but still don’t really acknowledge auras. 
The flip side of this is all of the things that we sense, biologically, but can’t explain, then ascribe superstition to. Think of all the dogma around Kundalini. Everything from aliens to demons to white fire to God’s sanctification to transmutation to inner alchemy and on and on are used to describe what is a biological process. 

This understanding accompanied by genuine skill in both the energetic and physical is what we have in Hoshin. This allows for our neutrality when it comes to others perspectives and opinions. Let me reiterate this- we have the depth, knowledge and skills to be able to remain neutral, acting as a kind of central hub for all martial artists in the world. 

Helping a defensive football player be able to better anticipate the snap, helping a priest come down out of his spiritual hallucinations (experiences), Hoshin can do both. Rob Sensei said it best “We are all of the abilities with none of the dogma”. 

The goal is to analyze and discuss experiences without having them masked by imagination or fantasy. This is a very potent and very powerful place to hold, or position to occupy, with incredible potential to aid others in accomplishing their desires. 

There’s no need to try to be superior or have the better thing. Instead understand what Hoshin is and see that this allows us to be neutral. I mean this concept is similar or in line with existing in a state of Mushin. From this space we can really offer incredible help to any martial artist or practitioner. 
Rob Sensei said it this way, “Keeping a humble attitude and more than delivering the goods”. I can’t say it better, those words encapsulate a potent strategy. -Caleb Spears, Shihan.

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