Hoshinjutsu Budo Ryu

Rob Williams is the grandmaster of the Hoshinjutsu Budo Ryu. He is a personal student and senior instructor in Hoshinjutsu for the late Dr. Glenn J. Morris, founder of the Hoshinjutsu system. Williams was personally trained and certified by Dr. Morris to teach and award rank in Hoshin Tao Chi Kung and is the creator of the Hoshin Healing and Massage system. An author, philosopher, healer, lecturer and veteran martial artist, Williams is a guide to hundreds of practitioners as he oversees and pushes forth the evolution of the Hoshin system. Williams holds master level rank in all areas of Hoshin combat and esoteric training under Glenn Morris. With over three decades of martial arts training under his belt, Williams has put Hoshinjutsu to the test in the field and it WORKS. He has trained both military and law enforcement with great success. Under Williams and his senior instructors, Hoshin continues to grow as an extremely effective martial art and valuable tool for personal transformation.