August 4th & 5th, 10am-4pm

This year's Hoshinfest will be at the Hombu dojo. Rob soke will be continuing the theme of improving all areas of Hoshin Budo. We will be training in Hoshinjutsu, Healing and Hoshin Tao Chi Kung. This year's fest will be on Soke's birthday weekend.

Cost: $200

Where: Hoshin Hombu Dojo, Prosperity, SC

Travel: The closest airport is Colombia Metropolitan Airport which is 38 miles from the dojo. Nearest towns with hotel/motels are Chapin, Prosperity, Irmo and Newberry so look for lodging there. Chapin being the closest.

*If you plan on testing for belt rank please let Rob soke know in advance.



Presented by

Grandmaster Rob Williams



Hoshinjutsu Elemental Theory and Strategy

Elemental dynamics of the Hoshinjutsu combat system. Turning emotional reactions into appropriate physical response

Hoshin Tao Chi Kung

Hoshin meditation techniques for enhanced creativity, chi development and Kundalini awakening


Saturday, December 2 - Sunday, December 3, 2017

Hosted by Iron Tamer Dave Whitley and Sifu Donavan Stephens


Shaolin Concepts School of Martial Arts 902 Hart Lane Nashville, TN

Call (615) 977 0057 for more information or to register


Hoshin Budo in Windsor, CA

When: July 14-15th and 16th

Summary of Topics Covered:

Day 1: Basic Hoshin Tao Qigong.  Introduction to the 5 Hoshin Heiho and the freedom that comes from them. Earth Hoshinjutsu Godai Waza, Water Hoshinjutsu Godai Waza. Defense against common attacks using the Earth and Water paradigm.

Day 2: Hoshin Weapons Day. Emphasis on maxim of koboitai, attack and defense as one. Basic Sword drills and techniques to build confidence, understand distance and timing better; main goal to overcome fear. 3' stick techniques and variations using Earth, Water and the 5 Hoshin Principles. Basic use of a chain and using that tool to emphasize the principle of triangulation. Basic knife drills to understand how to deal with a blade by not contesting for space with vectors of force. Shaktipat and Myofascia release.

Day 3: Review of the Earth and Water mentality. Fire Hoshinjutsu Godai Waza, Wind Hoshinjutsu Godai Waza. Basic Chin'Na. Full contact knife randori/sparring with padded knives and protective glasses. Hoshin Sword test and promotions.

Hoshin Budo in St. Louis Missouri 

When: June 3rd - 4th

Time: 9am-5pm Sat and Sunday

Cost: $80/day for members only. This pays for the whole day and allows you to go for as long as you like/can endure the training that day. Where: St. Louis, MO What: We will be diving deep into the Hoshin Heiho  when a blade is involved. Attacker and you have a blade, attacker has a blade and you don't, etc. Blades are truth tellers, come learn what you need to work on. Contact: Senior Instructor Rex Washburn @ stlhoshin @ gmail.com for more information, to confirm you spot and to arrange payment. Notes: Your Hoshin Budo Membership must be current before attending this event. This is a Members Only event!  

Doc Memorial 2017

March 31st-April 2nd

Saratoga Springs, Utah

Subjects Covered: Refining Rolls, rolling around, to and leaping over obstacles.  A basic understanding of Earth, Water, Fire and Wind manifestation in Taijutsu was covered at the public portion.  Basic Psion drills to increase awareness. Throwing knives and Hoshin stick work of target striking accurately and powerfully.