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The Grandmaster’s Story

The story I would like to share is about the Kundalini Awakening I experienced in the summer of 1985. I had the entire summer off from teaching and decided I was going to deeply explore some Internal Qigong practices I had known for many years. I sat on my porch and practiced intensely in Meditation running energy along my Meridians for goals I wanted to attain in the martial arts. I was utilizing the Chinese system of acupuncture points and the Hindu chakra system. I also utilized classical Taoist breathing methods and addressed the Chakras individually. I practiced everyday for about six hours due to having so much free time that summer.

After 45 days of practice I was having visions of Shiva and Kali, the legendary Hindu Gods. Later on I further experienced visual and auditory hallucinations as well as super human strength (breaking door handles from turning them too hard) , reversal of life long arthritis, occasional bouts of telepathy and other forms of unexplainable knowing. These experiences worked up to a peak one early morning when I saw a golden brown colored viper begin to slowly uncurl from my sacrum. As if it had a mind of its own, the serpent shot its way up through my spinal column in what felt like an eruption of FIRE. It culminated with a tremendous explosion of energy in my head and I was then thoroughly ‘fried’. For the next few months, when I closed my eyes there was a constant barrage of lights.

I later discovered that this was a Permanent Kundalini Awakening, and that is why it never went away even when I didn’t practice for weeks. That energy had been released and there was no going back. I was forced to learn to live in harmony with it. After my body had fully rejuvenated and adapted to the increased voltage, I began to wonder why the ‘Kundalini’ experience was shrouded in myth and why I could not find a single person who had been through it themselves. I read countless books authored by people claiming to understand the Kundalini Experience and I came up empty handed. The only books I found by someone who really understood were written by Gopi Krishna and even with the help of his personal experiences, I did not fully understand what had happened to me. My only certainty was that it was a giant spiritual/biological evolutionary leap.

After spending even more time with several Kundalini Yoga experts, not only did I come up empty handed again with no answers, but I found out that this process is “supposed to” take 20 -30 years of disciplined practice. Maybe that would explain why I could not find anyone who had done it. That is a long time for someone to persevere. Granted I was practicing a lot, but that did not explain why it happened within 45 days. I wanted to understand this process. I became fixated on testing and understanding. So I did what any respectable teacher would have done – I used my students as guinea pigs!!

When the same methods I used were employed by my students, they had very similar results of “Kundalini Awakening” in anywhere from 2 months to 18 months time. I watched as one after another went through the process. No one had any of the problems often written about in the ‘myths’ of Kundalini. We were continually amazed at the ‘Universality’ of the process. Later we learned that Qigong provided certain safeguards that were keeping the process safe and efficient. It was a very experimental program in the beginning. As time progressed, I refined the system further to eliminate any unnecessary practices and honed in on what was actually producing the manifestation of Kundalini. It basically came down to opening the Base Chakra (Genitals) and then working up to the higher energy centers from there. Combine the chakra work with running energy along the spine & limbs, positive mind states, employing specific breathing methods, and practicing Testicular/ Ovarian Gong Fu and you have a complete composite of what I did and what I feel is the core essence of my practice. I honestly believe these to be the most potent Qigong practices in the world.

Later I wrote 3 widely available books on the subject matter and many foreign students were Emailing me from around the world reporting similar experiences from doing the practices. I decided to refine my life’s work into a system we later called the “Kundalini Awakening Process” . With the help of my Deshi, Jeff Primack, I created a highly organized program with a comprehensive workbook and home practice CD. The workshop is taught in a weekend seminar format. The process is learned in 2 days and practiced at home along with the CD we provide you with.

The Level-1 Kundalini Awakening Process connects the sexual energy manufactured by the Genitals to the Master Glands of the Brain. If practiced for 30 minutes daily, using the Level-1 Home Practice CD, it will typically produce the Full Kundalini Awakening in around 6 to 18 months. Seasoned mediators and yoga practitioners will have much faster results sometimes within a few weeks, but really anyone can do this if they follow the instructions. The system is statistically proven to work and that’s why it has a high success rate. Everything a person needs to attain the Full Kundalini Awakening is thoroughly gone over in the Level-1 training and it’s all contained within the Training Manual and Home practice CD . See more about it in the ‘Upcoming Events’ page.

The Level-2 Testicular/Ovarian Gong Fu takes the Level-1 practices of opening the Root Chakra and connecting the meridians and further expounds upon them. “Male Deer” exercises for keeping sexual energy at its peak are employed in the program along with the “Female Deer” exercises, which are used to stop the menstruation process and the subsequent loss of vital energy that accompanies it. In Chinese lore the Female Deer exercises are called ‘Slaying the Red Dragon’ for obvious reasons. It is a very natural and powerful practice that works easily and once practice is stopped, normal menstrual periods will return immediately. It also is a great form of birth control that you can turn on and off. Both the Male and Female Deer exercises were kept highly secret by the ruling families of ancient China. The Female Deer exercises work by tricking the body into thinking its ‘lactating’.

Taoist Sexual Qigong is also taught in Level -2 and can be practiced with or without a partner. These are the sexual practices of developing vital energy. Level -2 further activates the sexual energy of the Testicals/Ovaries, which has a direct impact on the Kundalini. A partner is not required, but it’s more fun.

My overall theory: The Kundalini is describable and repeatable. My scholarship has taught me that Kundalini is the most powerful accumulation of latent energy potential in the human body. It has played an integral part in religious mythology, yet after watching hundreds go through the Full Process, I feel its ‘Awakening’ is more of a biological process than a religious one. It can be experienced by any one of significant will and intelligence to do the work.


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