Hoshinjutsu Budo Ryu

Morris’ Maxims for Hoshinjutsu

A Teacher is known by his students and also by his or her teachers.

If your students’ skills do not exceed your own in some areas you have failed to tap their uniqueness and have only created an imitation of yourself, not an artist!

Transmission of technique is done through repetition.

Transmission of ART is done through the practice of principles not rote methods.

Technicians are predictable, artists are not.

Creative implies different and/or new.

A true artist creates from a base of knowledge with discipline.

CHI, CHING, SHIN = The 3 Treasures of

Expectations = Results

Expose your students and yourself to the best teachers you can find.

Love is a far better motivator than fear.

Professionals love what they are and do.

Your teacher’s teachers are both living and dead yet their art lives on through your learning and the teaching of your students. What you choose to pass on is the living tradition of the martial art. The secrets of Hoshinjustu that you were taught or created and you kept for personal advantage die with you!


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