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Mushin and the Rewards of Practice

I wrote this originally in a private discussion. I have had the thought that this is worth discussing or at least considering and thinking about. It is my intention that what follows will perhaps inspire some to continue their training in the face of adversity and win the sometimes unintended benefits of dedication and practice.

“I am at times easily overwhelmed during training. I tend towards quiet relentlessness and so continue to practice regardless of apparent weakness rather than over thinking the issue. In the back of my mind I have been concerned about some aspects of my training though. One aspect was my ability to maintain the state of mushin or no mind. I have been patient and relentless in my efforts to increase this aspect of myself but without measurable or specific results.

It came together for me the other night. I was walking with a friend on some errands. We passed some “dicey” homes and both commented that there was a bad vibe coming from them. We went on our way. On our return trip we were approached by an individual asking to bum a smoke. We had none and told him so and continued walking. As are backs were to him I was literally pushed by his hostile intent as I felt him begin to move after us. My friend turned in fright and sort of panicked. I was put into the most intense state of mushin I have yet experienced. I did not turn but reached into my aura to feel when the attack or whatever would be coming. As I did this I felt angry man’s courage wilt and although he continued after us he seemed surprised to find himself off the sidewalk and nearly to the other side of the road. Incidentally he had skirted almost perfectly the edge of my “bubble”. He then sort of came to himself and walked back to his cave or wherever he came from.

I never turned to look at him but confirmed via my friend that my perception of angry man’s position and his reactions were exactly right. It’s kind of a neat story for me personally.

I felt like I should share this. It shows me that even in the face of apparent stagnation my efforts to continue undaunted in training were rewarded and not wholly in vain. I can be thick at times, as can we all I suppose.”

Perhaps this will inspire some to continue in his or her path even when progress is not readily apparent.

Thank you and happy hunting.

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