Hoshinjutsu Budo Ryu

Cumulative Effects

Don’t underestimate cumulative effects. 15 minutes of meditation/energy work in the morning and 15 min even in 5 minute segments throughout the day adds up to about 14 hours a month. Add in the work done in weekly Hoshin training, the times you have an hour or so to be still and run your orbits, along with the other bits of work done throughout the week and you have put in some decent time, over┬átime. It will show in your aura and in your Hoshin.

I go to church for 2 reasons now, 1 my kids like it and 2 its a few hours where I can sit and run my orbits undisturbed. Any time I am driving alone I am chanting my mantras. Before I sleep, but after I am in bed, I am visualizing and exploring via the mental vacation exercise. Anytime I am meeting new people or in a public place I am practicing a Hoshin skill be it psionic or physical or just running secret smile while navigating a crowded mall. Every time I hug my kids I breathe secret smile into them, check their orbits and balance them out. I was visiting family over the weekend and there were more people than chairs. I practiced charging my space, charging the chair then leaving and watching the aura of the person who sat in that place next. We were recently hit with snow and wind so while I was shoveling through the snow drifts I was practicing tummo and to spite it being 16 degrees I didn’t need a coat, hat, gloves or boots. When I wake up in the night or first thing in the morning I push my aura/awareness out and expand it into my house and check on my kids to see how they are feeling. I look at their energy and look for stress or blockages.

The point is all these small things take a little time, not a lot. All of these things are practice in one form or another of Hoshin, and all of these practices add up. They accumulate into a body of experience and effort that over time are very beneficial.

-Caleb Sensei

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