Hoshinjutsu Budo Ryu

Month of February 2000

Partial Kundalini Awakening: No Such Thing

February 12, 2000

In my humble opinion, there is no such thing as a partial kundalini awakening. The kundalini is a full blown experience of your spine wiring into various mystical experiences. If that’s not happening, it’s not kundalini. There are experiences, such as kriya and the development of chi, that are similar and are sometimes identified as … Continue reading

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The Grandmaster’s Story

The story I would like to share is about the Kundalini Awakening I experienced in the summer of 1985. I had the entire summer off from teaching and decided I was going to deeply explore some Internal Qigong practices I had known for many years. I sat on my porch and practiced intensely in Meditation … Continue reading

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False Teachers, Gurus, Fakes and Frauds

In Shadow Strategies (pages 192-195) I describe the characteristics of false guru or spiritual psychopaths, drug dependence, and delusional paranoids. These are general warnings concerning what the seeker should probably avoid. However, as Hatsumi-soke says, “you get the teacher you deserve.” Hatsumi-soke teaches from all three categories and mixes his style, but the Confucian in … Continue reading

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The Eight Principles of Winning or How to Build Your Mental Edge

Fudoshin is a Japanese term often translated as the “warrior heart” or “indomitable spirit.” The person who has the warrior heart cannot be beaten. While most martial artists spend many hours working on strength, stamina, technique, and speed, few spend time training their thinking processes so they will have a mental edge over their opponents. … Continue reading

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Giri is a Japanese word for obligation and it is often translated as duty or respect but in the martial arts meaning the concept becomes more honor-tied and feudal. When you contract to study with a master, particularly when you claim disciple, devotee, or deshiship, the obligation is considered to be for the rest of … Continue reading

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