Hoshinjutsu Budo Ryu

The Hoshinjutsu Budo Ryu began its history as the Hoshinroshiryu’s Hoshin Budo Association, which was the regional organization for the United States East Coast, created by Sensei Rob Williams, and approved by Dr. Glenn Morris. It was the largest group of instructors and black belts within Hoshinroshiryu.

On April 1st, 2006 when Dr. Glenn J. Morris, Hoshin founder and member of the World Head of Family Sokeship Council, passed away at his home in Lake Charles, La. The whole of Hoshin mourned the loss of our mentor, master, teacher and friend.

In several documented emails written by Glenn to Rob and other Hoshinroshiryu black belts several months before Glenn’s death, Glenn had referred to Rob explicitly as his successor in Hoshin. Rob’s successorship was¬†also confirmed by Glenn’s son, Shawn. Rob was a senior instructor in Hoshinjutsu with the largest network of personally trained Hoshin black belt instructors under him, a kundalini survivor, and the creator of the Hoshin Healing System personally approved by Glenn.

Rob Williams was inducted into the Martial Arts Masters World Federation Sokeship Council as the head of Hoshinjutsu Budo Ryu. He¬†continues to teach Glenn’s complete and intact Martial, Healing, Chi development, and Kundalini Awakening systems, as well as presenting the esoteric courses that were in development with Glenn’s East Coast instructors under Glenn’s oversight and with Glenn’s approval, before his death.

We welcome you to contact us, to become a part of Glenn Morris’s living system, and to, in the great words of Glenn Morris, “Keep going, keep playing. Study on this!”