Hoshinjutsu Budo Ryu

10.15.11 - 9:00 AM Newport News

Shinken literally translates as “True Sword” It typically refers to real combat. There are many areas related to developing shinken or true combat ability. At Hoshinfest 2011 we will be exploring these areas and developing our ability to be true warriors.

Hoshinfest gives an opportunity for practitioners of this art who live near and far from the hombu dojo to reunite and get current on the evolving manifestations of the spirit of the ryu. It also gives non-members a chance to see what Hoshin Budo is all about. Basics as well as high level material are covered in these seminars and you will benefit greatly from its teachings. Practioners of other martial arts and newcomers to the martial path of enlightenment are warmly welcomed.

October 15th and 16th, 2011



Friday, October 14th
6:00PM Meet & Greet
Hoshinfest participants will gather in the hotel lounge by the Starbucks to meet and catch up. From here we will decide on a location to eat dinner.

Saturday, October 15th
9:00AM-9:30AM – Checkin
9:30AM – 12:30PM – Training
12:30PM-1:30PM – Lunch
1:30PM-5:30PM – Training

Sunday, October 16th
9:00AM-12:30PM – Training
12:30PM-1:30PM – Lunch
1:30PM-4:30PM – Training

Main presenters this year will include Soke Rob Williams, Shihan James Alexander, Shihan Katon Banner and Shidoshi Doug Tweedy, with complimentary material shown by our Hoshin Shihan. There will be plenty of fresh material to review this year so we highly encourage you to bring a notepad and take notes. Hoshinfest always delineates the path of training for the year so what you learn you will want to take with you. There will also be a Kundalini Shaktipat session lead by Soke Rob Williams and James Alexander on Sunday.

Please observe the following guidelines of etiquette to ensure a safe and productive time for all:

  • Have a positive outlook and open spirit
  • Pay attention and be respectful of your instructors and training partners
  • Cut your fingernails practice good hygiene.
  • All egos need to be checked at the door prior to training.
Hoshinfest is the last place to come to prove how tough you are or to challenge any participant. Any participant out of line will be asked to leave and there will be no refunds.
Please contact Soke Rob Williams with any further questions.

Pricing and Registration:

For ease please pay through PayPal. The account is hoshinbudo @ yahoo.com. If you must pay with a check, please contact Soke Rob Williams. Price is currently $160 through October 14th, and will be $185 at the door the weekend of the Seminar.